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Na edição de 23 de março de 2020 a revista destacou como a BioinFood pretende desenvolver fontes protéicas não animal, substituir aditivos artificiais e potencializar a biodisponibilidade de minerais em alimentos e bebidas.

Niamh Michail, editora da FoodNavigator-LATAM, conversou com nosso co-founder Gabriel Galembek, confira!

Niamh: What is the history of your company, and how did you get the idea for this product?

Gabriel: We are three founders with distinct backgrounds, and we decided to join our knowledge and expertise, creating BioinFood in September 2018.

Gleidson is a Biologist, Osmar is a Food Scientist. They both hold PhDs in genetics. They have worked together for a Brazilian Second Generation Ethanol company, creating the yeasts they use to produce Ethanol, and always dreamed of creating a company that could make their knowledge available for potential clients.

I am a Food Engineer, Master Brewer, with a substantial background in Beverage R&D. Lead Ambev Innovation and Technology Research Center for a decade. 

We realized that there was considerable potential in joining our knowledge, forming a Company able to work from Genetics to Industrial Processing, maximizing results using microorganisms, especially yeast.

Niamh: How have you financed the start-up so far?

Gabriel: We created the company with our capital. Our first sponsor was FAPESP. FAPESP has a program called PIPE, designed to support commercial innovation and to create technology-based companies. We approved two Phase-One nine-month subvention projects in 2019 to develop our MVPs.

We are reinvesting all our revenue in the company, moving activities that we used to outsource internally. At this point, we have no external investors.

Niamh: What ‘solutions’ do you provide to the food and Bev industry?

Gabriel: We custom-design yeast for our client’s specific needs; rather than offering an out-of-the shelf solution, we use our extensive collection of yeasts to design the best solution for our client’s reality and needs.

As experts in Yeast and Process Optimization, we also help our clients to understand their processes and optimize third-party yeast utilization. Some of our clients do not use our yeast, but our knowledge in yeast to streamline their process.

Niamh: Can you explain a little more about the biotechnological platforms you work with – how do they function?

Gabriel: The biotechnological platform we work with is the microorganisms we have in our collection. Using modern genetic techniques associated with production process design, we can generate solutions addressing several needs. We can use them to customize flavor profile; tolerate harsh processing conditions, such as extreme temperature and high osmotic pressure; absorb and create critical nutritional ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals; produce heterologous substances as an alternative to animal protein; among many others possible applications.

Niamh: In what product categories can your commercial yeasts be used?

Gabriel: At this point, we have clients from very distinct industries. We have clients related to the  Biofuel Industry, a client from Baking Industry; we are developing clients in the Animal Feed Market, Coffee, and other fermented beverages. 

Niamh: How do your yeasts differ from others that are on the market?

Gabriel: We offer our clients the opportunity to have a custom-designed yeast for their specific needs. We also offer them the opportunity to understand their production processes better and maximize performance minimizing cost and process variability.

Niamh: Can they be used to make products healthier?

Gabriel: Yes, yeast can make products healthier indeed. Yeast is a powerhouse of vitamins; yeast can absorb metals and make them more available to our organism. Yeasts can replace artificial additives used for flavoring, producing natural flavors, and delivering it to your product.

Niamh: Do you export or have plans to?

Gabriel: Although we are focusing on the Brazilian market, we can apply our model to any client worldwide. We can consult, provide knowledge, create unique solutions, and develop the supply chain according to the client’s needs.

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